Unbind my poet #twitterpoetry

Unbound poetry
outward bound
A poet in his truest sense is surely unbound by the rules of language
He has departed from the conformity of social chitchat
and dry lectures of university halls…
And now he paints ideas as they journey from his head
Some bound poets may dust them off and rankly arrange them.

Unbound by hard back
Unbound by paper chains
Loosened from grip of schoolmasterly rulers
A poet is free today

Maid in Bedlam

I like this!

“I love my love, because I know my love loves me”

I signed up for GoodReads, and found that my favourite books that came to mind, were audio books, or stories I had heard over the radio as a kid.

This is leading me down a different path of thought… and I started exploring SoundCloud to see if I could find the elusive thing I am searching for, seeking, on the verge of finding.

There is so much potential in blogland, and when connected with social media…. to make something amazing.

Something new.

Something not done before.

I seek…

and I will find.