Two e-books on blogging and Kindle

I am finding the principles in both of these e-books very helpful, and highly recommend others who want to increase interaction, views and followers on their blogs, and make a profit from successful sales and promotion of their Kindle e-book.
HarsH ReaLiTy (A Blogging Manual)

Crush It With Kindle – How to self publish your books on Kindle and promote them to #1 bestseller status

Social networking is all about being social, and not only for the business side of things, attracting possible customers, also for the sake of simply being sociable. For me this is important as I have experienced some big ups and downs when it comes to being with other people. Opinionated Man’s blogworld has opened up a doorway for me which has helped me to learn (re-learn?) some basic essentials about being sociable.

I have (re-)learnt the basics of visiting people, inviting people over, opening conversations in which people express their opinions, how to treat others’ opinions with respect even if we disagree, and keeping up with current events. Opinionated Man shows how all of this translates into certain things we can actively do online to have the same social effect. OM’s e-book HarsH ReaLiTy (A Blogging Manual) is more than just a blogging manual, it holds the principles of how to build a creative community, and also shares some of his life and background. I have only begun to tap into this potential, and I believe it applies not only to an online community, but also to creating a community outside of the internet.

John Tighe’s e-book, Crush It With Kindle, is specifically designed to help make a success of selling a Kindle e-book. I am still part-way through reading it properly, because it really calls for a step-by-step approach, whereas I have not yet begun to design my e-book. I had previously thought that it was not possible to print my colouring pages from a Kindle, and found out this week that I was wrong! So, I have read the book once-through and understand the principles of it, and I believe it will work to set my e-book off to a roaring start. It is a system that obviously worked for John Tighe and I am very glad he has chosen to share it with us all.

My offline life is about to benefit from increased sociability, after some time of adjusting to being shunned from a large social group, and also recovering from the worst effects of post-traumatic stress. Might sound strange, but it really seemed like I needed to completely re-learn how to be social, from scratch. Opinionated Man’s methods seem to have provided a social theory, that I could practice from the relative “safety” of an online identity, and now feel confident that I can put it into practice in ‘real life.’ I won’t outline my plans as yet because they are in the delicate idea stage! It does relate to art.

My income is, I hope! about to take a turn for the better due to John Tighe’s step-by-step advice. I want to share this with anyone who is also hoping to make an income from their successful Kindle e-book.

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Thank you to my top referrers…

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Thank you Google Search and Google Image Search, who referred about half each of the 1,430 views

Thank you Yahoo and all of you who visit from your Yahoo mailbox!

Thank you Gravatar for a handy way for people to connect

Thank you WordPress Dashboard… err.. I am wondering if that is Me clicking on my stuff

Thank you Opinionated Man, look at those views coming through from your site!

Thank you Twitter, I am enjoying the poetic connection

Thank you my other little blogs which link to the colouring book

Thank you Facebook, for a portal through to the blog! That’s 31 referrals compared to 7 likes! (Still haven’t got the hang of FB.)

Thank you Daily Post, I enjoy the occasional Weekly Photo Challenge with fellow WordPress photographers, artists and poets.

Most of these referrals happen without me doing anything except keep posting stuff and tagging it, and setting up ‘Publicize’ to send a link to my other social media sites when I press “Publish.”

The exception is OM’s blog, where it is so easy to get absorbed in the conversation with the many bloggers who enjoy gathering around OM’s campfire, so to speak. This was a bit of an eye-opener. If you’ve never visited before, I would recommend trying the Southern Pot Roast and Green Beans wrapped with bacon… and check out the blogging tips.

To all the three hundred odd referrers who make up the rest of the list, a Mighty Big Thank You goes out to you. Many names I recognize from comments and conversations, and meeting up on blogs. Some I know have colouring pictures on their blogs, with links to send people to the Wildersoul Colouring Book. I thank you all so very much for your support.

Where do your referrals come from?