The fear is gone

When the past has been dug up

and the rubbish bundled up and thrown out

The earth smells fresh and sweet

I see you on the street

and my eyes are kind

I say hello

and smile.


You say hi, too.


The fear is gone.


I remember the good times.

When the past was buried deep

And I took you at face-value

Like a delicious pumpkin

growing in the best manure.


I wish you sunshine

to warm your tendrils,

and rain to water your rootlets

May light and love surround you

and the darkness melt away.


Perhaps one day,

we may have more to say.

The fear has gone away.


Some changes of plan
Our $5000 goal stripped
to a skinny fifth

Our extended tour retracted
to a short flight
with clipped wings

Direction in life
like lava rocks
lining a molten river

To combine goals
First collect
A Car,
A House,
A Dream
Of friends
Over Seas



In between
and Instinct,
when together they fall asleep,
A peaceful baby gently wakes
I name her simply,

How I Became A Full-Time Freelance Writer and Blogger

Joe Warnimont shares practical words of experience with fellow bloggers. There are a few things I’d like to check out, such as Genesis as a platform for self-hosting. And I want to get serious about finding my niche. Recommended reading!

My new words to practice saying, and writing:

I am an artist

I am a poet

What do you get out of Joe’s story?

via How I Became A Full-Time Freelance Writer and Blogger.


You are all the things I love

Artist, poet, conversational friend.

Mind on a higher plane


Then I look around at

the others who bear the name, yet they

are really not the same


What is the bond

we share?


Have you ever found someone and you love them for who they are, and then you start wondering what it is that causes such love?  And anytime it is named, there are a handful of others who bear that name (such as ‘artist’) and yet the love is not in the name.

Have you ever loved someone, and it isn’t about their looks, or what they can or cannot do?  There are others who have those looks, and they simply are not you.  Life takes unexpected turns and what can or cannot be done today, may not be true tomorrow.

Have you ever dreamed of babies?  And they wouldn’t look the same, if you were not the other parent?

Have you ever loved, and lost?  And continued to love, anyway?

Signing off for today.  See you all again tomorrow night. 🙂