Twitter Poetry Collection #1

takes the world by storm,
raining tweets from night to dawn,
flocks of tweeters burst into song,
twitterature short, not long

#TwitterPoetry #Twoosh
A Twoosh will not cut short
It is Full and Fits just so
Tweet Box limits will form
a twitter poem 140 characters long

@mptypes #twitterpoetry
What shall he become?
What is he already?
A remarkable maker
of #TwitterPoetry!

Love is
your words every day
your heart on the page
infusing emotion
good, or bad.
Love is
being there

My friend
Twin soul
Sharing space
without distance
Emotions join like umbilical cord
Thoughts meld in amniotic fluid
Love is.

A poem a day
keeps arthritis at bay
A poem a week
keeps tongue firmly in cheek
A poem a month
can dredge up much gumpf!

@peterflom #twitterpoetry
Your tweet did not shock me
And your spamfilter did not block me
Welcome to #twitterpoetry! 🙂

Grasping the vine
I am dragged up by hope
Carried by kindness
and blossom in love

Bouncing like a ball
through life
A caged tiger
wearing thin

WilderSoul ‏@Wilder_Soul 15 Jul
at what I have done.
at my tortures
at my disclosure
at my expression
for my salvation

WilderSoul ‏@Wilder_Soul 15 Jul
Life is not meant to live a cage
open the door, free the bird
Love is not meant to live in rage
open the heart, free the pain

In love always
Morning shower
rains sunshine today

@BrittBratta #twitterpoetry
Mending cracks and broken pieces
with love and pure gold
Beauty shines within this girl
created new and whole

Ideas descend, un-lit
potential blown by wind
splash reflection
reveal facets of me

Poets crash on welcome shore
Boulders shoulder the spray
As words fly up like seagulls
and rain down, come what may…

Skyward stretch
Immersed in sunrise
Ascend hope’s rainbow
to Life… Free.

#twitterpoetry @TarinaTrifonoff @bonitagringuita
friends are mercury
slipping into the pool
becoming one.

#twitterpoetry #haiku #personification
Sky dances glaring
red gestured paint daring
icy wisps to grin

WilderSoul ‏@Wilder_Soul 11 Jul
#twitterpoetry #metaphor #haiku
I am rain, falling.
Tender sprouts soak in my joy
My stormcloud breaks trees
#wildersoul #writing #group