Wildersoul FM


Tough cookie, tough lady… Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones this morning….

Broadcasting right now… 9.21am NZST

Wildersoul FM is playing now…


It’s a Phoebe Snow morning for me here in New Zealand on a sunny Sunday….

Want your poetry read out on the radio? | No Tall Stories

Want your poetry read out on the radio? | No Tall Stories.

If I can’t broadcast, someone can! Poets have a look at this, is it your kind of radio station?

Seems that unconventional stuff is most welcome.

(Go on…. have  go!)

Send them a link to your poem. Their next show goes out in August.


Come listen to music with me

Here’s the link.

You can suggest songs, or upvote songs to move them up the queue.

Can even make comments / chat.

Here’s the link.


Laughing, giggling, 400 times a day?

Have you had your share of giggles today?

Here’s a Youth Radio show I found while scouting out SoundCloud. I’m playing it in the background while I work.

I like the way Joy is described as being different from Happy-ness. Not just putting on a happy face.

Show us the joy…..