The Boring Poet, Excited Artist

Poetry has gone out the window

as colouring books fly

left and right.


The Artist is shouting

free colouring pics

on a black and white blog


and shouting Colouring Pics!

from the top of her Sellbox

to all passersby


All day she labours hard

to give birth to the physical form of

thoughts and feelings

dreams and ideas
At last,

she rests.

Her work has been shared.


In case you hadn’t heard a tweet, here are two colouring books I am very pleased with. They’re a bit different from your standard. And of course once you have bought and downloaded them, you can print them again and again.  I am focusing on moods or emotion now. Sadness, and Comfort.  Love it if you would visit the best shop I’ve come across yet for selling my own digital files. So easy! And let me know what you think.

#sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Comfort #sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Comfort via Sellbox

Such a relief.

Sellbox is the easiest and most relevant way I have found to sell my digital products straight from my blog, or other social media.

Have a quick peek if you like, because you might want to start selling your work the same way.

All that is needed is a DropBox account.

A PayPal account.

And a Sellbox account.

It’s as easy as uploading a file to DropBox, and putting a price on it.

I am stoked.

Sellbox takes 5%, and PayPal (at least for me!) takes about 30c + 2.9%

Now I really want to see what happens when someone buys my Comfort colouring book. It has five pages, ready to print out and colour in. Plus a cover sheet, which has all five pics on it. You can colour that too if you want!

Check it out – Comfort 

Hope it brings you comfort too.